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How to Get Positive Reviews as A Property Manager?

As a property manager, you want to set yourself apart from other property managers to attract more clients and to earn their trust. There are numerous things you could do to separate yourself from your competitors. You could ask your current clients to recommend you to other people with properties that they need help managing, that way you could get more experience.

The more troublesome a property is but you managed to make it better, would add more brownie points to your credential. Show off as well your knowledge of rules and regulations of real estate laws and gain connections with people who would make your life as a property manager easier such as contractors, suppliers and local authorities.

But one of the basic yet crucial things you could do to make you stand out is to get positive reviews as a property manager.

Join various social media platforms

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. People nowadays are smart especially before they hire someone for their services. They will do their research and read up about someone online. These platforms are powerful tools that you could use to your advantage.

Add your current and past clients and if they were really satisfied with your services, they would whole heartedly give their positive reviews of you. Social media platforms are what people also usually check when they do their research so if you have accounts in different platforms, your past and current clients would have a way to provide their positive reviews.

Send out surveys

Asking your past and current clients how you could further improve the services you provide them is a sure-fire way to know what you lack that they need. All positive Brisbane property management reviews do not happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and probing. It is also trial and error since it would be impossible to please everyone. But if you do your duties and responsibilities as a property manager and you listen to your clients and heed what they have answered in the surveys you distributed, you’d be more accepted and favoured.


When you follow this tip, don’t make it look like a bribe or a reward for a favour. Don’t immediately ask your clients for a positive review after you have given them an incentive. Do it subtly. Or if you have given them significant encouragement, they would give you a positive review without any prodding.

Reduce friction

As a property manager, you have to have excellent customer service. Reduce friction as much as you can. If a client is temperamental, don’t match their negativity. Instead try to calm them down. They would appreciate that you still managed to be professional even when they are not. They would remember this the next time they have an opportunity to review your services.

Keep this in mind and you’d soon find your inbox full and your phone would keep on ringing from prospective clients wanting to hire you based on the positive reviews you received from current and past clients.

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