Should you hire a conveyancer or a conveyancing firm?


Given how common and essential conveyancing matters have become, it’s quite normal to come across a number of service providers. There are two types; those who represent firms, and those who work individually.

In this read, we’re going to compare the two options and come to a conclusion on the better solution.


The mutual availability matters

When an individually working conveyancer takes over, especially in a commercial project, they’re going to end up dealing with more paperwork than the occasion of residential properties. Will they always be available when you want to check the progress?

After all, your project won’t be the only prioritized project in contrast to what they might claim. Mutual availability is always going to be an issue with independently working personnel when compared to companies who have more than enough employees to delegate.

Trust complications in outsourcing

The problem of the unavailability of independently working conveyancers comes up once again. When they cannot handle the matter on their own, they’re going to accept the project and start outsourcing from them.

This problem isn’t seen in firms since not only they’ll be available for you, but they have enough employees. Thus, the priority of companies like these is to ensure that the operations stay inside the house. When they do, the protection is much higher.

Accountability aspect

When it’s but one person who’s handling your property documents, there’s always going to be that anxiety whether they’d decide to take off. After all, it’s not like there’s a contract. On the flip side, they know the worst that can happen is being let go in a case of malpractice.

But firm-based Conveyancing Geelong cannot operate like that. Some of the businesses have experienced close to 30 years, and still going strong. You can’t have frauds and poor accountability and expect to stay alive in the business for that long, even without profits. This is why hiring firms are better in this aspect.

How convenient will it be?

There are a lot of paperwork operations that take place for the completion of conveyancing work. If you had to go for several people to get them done, it’s going to be a hassle. Why should you do it if companies can conveniently fulfill all the conveyancing operations in the best way?

The opposing party’s condition

What would happen if you had an independently working conveyancing professional when the other party happened to have a company representative? Who’s going to have the upper hand? Certainly not you.

You shouldn’t take a risk here. Instead, since the prices aren’t different at all, choosing a company to represent you is the ideal decision to take.


Our justified conclusion is that conveyancing firms are always better. It’s not so complicated although you might think that coming across a reliable firm is hard. All you need to do is review their employment duration, the types of services they provide, and whether they’re professional and friendly enough to work with. That way, a number of complications initiated by individually working professionals would be resolved.

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