Tips for Commercial Buildings Exterior Painting


You can easily give a building a new look with a fresh coat of paint. This will instantly transform its appearance and it is something that will affect how your customers and tenants see the building as well. There is much more to painting than improving the visual appeal of a building. It can create a better impression of the business in the customer’s mind and you will be able to boost the value of the building.

You need to hire skilled professionals for commercial painting Gold Coast so that you have a good finish for your exterior. You need to plan your repainting well to ensure efficiency and safety. The first thing you need to consider is the scope of the project. You need to understand whether you are painting the entire building or doing a partial painting. There can be both exterior and interior painting. There are certain areas that will not need a new coat of paint such as low traffic internal areas like fire staircases. You need to understand how many coats of paint have to be used. This is something you can decide with your painter as well. Once you have identified the scope, you need to outline the timeline. There has to be minimal disruption. Generally, you can choose a time when business is low so that there is less disruption. You can ask whether the painting company can carry out the work during holidays or cold seasons so that your daily operations are not affected.

Planning is a crucial part of the painting project. You can spontaneously decide to start a project as there are certain factors that you haven’t thought about. You need to think about your company budget and whether it covers all your requirements. If it doesn’t you may need to do the project in stages or postpone the painting until you arrive at a satisfactory budget. You need to look at how you can save both money and time when you are painting. This will depend on the efficiency of the contractor and the quality of the paint work. If painting is done properly, there will be fewer touch ups and rectification in the end. Therefore, you will be able to have a shorter project duration. Also, with quality painting, the period between future paintings can be extended.

Choosing a paint colour is an important decision and you will need to consult with your brand guideline for this. There are also designers and colour consultants who will be able to point you in the right direction. The colour you choose should complement your brand. You can look for a colour that is commonly used in your products to create uniformity in branding. You need to think about what you are expressing through this colour to your customer as well. The nature of the business you operate will also have a say in paint selection. Health and safety standards of the paints used have to be considered as well. This is something that you should check with the painter first. Make sure that you request odourless paints so that it doesn’t become an issue after the project is done.

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