What Solar System Size Should I Pick?

With global warming on the rise and the prices of utilities constantly increasing, homeowners are opting towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy is gaining traction and it is moving into the list of mainstream energy sources.

Another plus point is that with the improvement in technology and improved methods of production, upfront costs for solar panels are plummeting. This makes it even more attractive to meet your energy needs. 

However, before you decide on which company to go with it is always recommend that you do your research and have it ready when you consult professionals so that you can argue your case and come up with the ideal system to power your household.

Calculate your Electricity Usage

The first step to decide on how much solar panels you need is to calculate your average household usage.

Step 1: Usually people nowadays have opted for electronic bills and this make it easier to store them safely. Even if you still receive your utility bills by post it is highly unlikely that you throw them out. Use your past electricity bills calculate a monthly average. An average will give you a rough idea because in some months especially during the summer electricity usage tend to hike up.

Step 2: Add up the total electricity used for the last 12 months and divide the total by 12. This is your average monthly usage.

Step 3: Further divide this by 30 to get your daily usage.

Step 4: This step is optional and can be done to get more accurate figures. Try making a list of all the appliances around your house with the power usage and what type of electricity it uses. This is quite a difficult step by also try to track how many hours per day you use these appliances.

Figure out the Insolation

Here you should figure how the amount of peak sunlight in your area. You can use insolation tables and get an average figure.

Calculate Energy Needs

Step 1: Using the daily electricity usage which is in ‘Daily kWh’ and the insolation value which is ‘hours’, calculate the number of Kilowatts required Daily

Step 2: You also need to account for energy loses so multiply the daily Kilowatts. Usually around 30% of energy produced by a solar panel is lost so therefore multiplying your Daily kilowatts required by 1.3 will give the system size.

For example: 5(Daily Kilowatts) x 1.3 = 6.5. So ideally you would require a system total of 6.6KW solar panels Adelaide households usually average around this figure.

Calculating the size of the solar system you need is quite easy if you follow the above steps. However, this calculation will only give you an average value, with this average figure and your homework done you can compare your values to the estimates given by professionals.

It takes a combined effort to get the best number so work together with them and you get the ideal system for your house that will lift the utility burden off your shoulders.

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