Selecting the best bed

Knowing how to select a bed can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one, and it is extremely important to select a bed that is comfortable and cost effective as the purchase is not one that happens often. We spend a significant portion of our lives asleep. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a quality experience while sleeping with a proper selection of a bed and mattress. The quality of sleep also has a significant impact on both our physical and mental health. Hence, the decision to purchase a bed should not be taken lightly, and involves various considerations as described further in this article. Most furniture stores such as Coastal Farmhouse bedroom furniture can provide advise to customers on the different types of beds available and help them select one of appropriate size and matching the interior design of the bedroom with their expertise.


The size of the bed is an important factor when selecting a bed. It usually depends on the number of people sharing the bed, and the size of their bodies. Beds exist in various sizes and should be equipped with a matching sized mattress and blankets for it to be comfortable. The dimensions of the room should also be considered when selecting a bed, as too large a size may not fit comfortably inside a room whereas too small a size may be wasting space and inconveniencing the occupants.


The theme of the interior design in the bedroom is what provides the ambience of the room and transforms it to a relaxing environment. The bed itself should complement the other decorative as well as functional elements in the room. The bed, as the primary component of the room and the furniture that provides it its purpose, has a substantial contribution to the overall structure and form of the room.


Depending on the requirements of the occupants of the bedroom, as well as the other furniture in the room itself it may be necessary to consolidate certain functions to the bed. For example, bunk beds combine two beds into the same horizontal floor space and are commonly used for children’s rooms. Some beds also have drawers or other storage features under the bed which eliminates the need for a dresser or cupboard being in the room. These features may be opted for by considering whether additional storage space is required or whether the bedroom is large enough for a full suite of bedroom furniture.


The importance of a mattress to a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. A good mattress is able to accommodate the weight of a human and be ergonomic in its deformation so that the users are well rested when they wake up and do not hurt themselves while they sleep. It should complement the design of the bed and work together to achieve maximum comfort. For instance, spring mattresses are best paired with spring beds and foam mattresses with slat beds.

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